Noggin the Nog

Wayfarers Riddle

Welcome to my riddle. This is my personal homage to Notpron which, whilst it cannot compete with the original, is I hope of sufficient quality and interest to keep people amused. Although there is some use of wordplay I have tried to make it as fair as possible to people who don't speak English too well by hiding plenty of eggs. Go find them! There are also hints for the first 8 levels...just click the Nog!

There is no use of accents, uppercase, or spaces in the URLs you need to enter unless you are specifically hinted to. If you need to use Google or the internet on a level I've put a Google comment in the source. Google UK means use Please be careful with hinting too much in forums (and no URLs please) but feel free to help each other out behind the scenes!

There are 200 levels in the main trail plus various sidetrails which add up to another 167 levels. As a "thank you" to DavidM I personally donated another 15 euros to Notpron on behalf of the first person to hit the Ranking page (after level 16). They were Springer and Lizardman working jointly as a team. They are mentioned on the Donations page on Notpron :-
"Springer, Lizardman 15 euros".

The sidetrails are accessible to all players and currently are:-
  • The Puzzle Levels that offers a streamlined approach to riddling with no image or sound files, just difficult and challenging basic puzzles
  • The Mysterious Levels which follows a story line switching between 18th Century England and the present day.
  • The Quirky Levels where the emphasis is on fun, quirkiness, new technology and humorous variants of more familiar things.
  • The Book Levels which are riddles inspired by books I have enjoyed that featured puzzles or riddles in their plots. You do not need to read the books to solve the riddles in these levels!
  • The Variety Levels which celebrate the tenth anniversary of WR, each level having the "flavour" of one of the main and side trails.

  • OK! I hope you enjoy the riddle and if you have any feedback or constructive criticism feel free to let me know!

    While CWoT Forum is hibernating please email me for help with a level

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